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Cisco SG300-52MP 52-port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch

(Product code: 310820009072)

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Unit: 1 vnt

Price: 1815.33 €

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Item detailed description:

Gamintojo simbolisSG300-52MP-K9-EU
Produkto pavadinimasCisco SG300-52MP 52-port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch
GamintojasCisco Systems
Produkto klasėSWITCH - tinklo komutatorius (valdomas)
LAN tinklo architektūraGigabitEthernet
SmartSwitch (WEB Managed)Taip
1000BaseT (RJ45) portų skaičius50 vnt.
COMBO GEth (RJ45)/MiniGBIC (SFP) portų skaičius2 vnt.
Komunikacijos portai10/100 BaseTX (RJ45)
Valdymas, stebėjimas ir konfigūracija
  • SNMPv1 - Simple Network Management Protocol ver. 1
  • SNMPv2 - Simple Network Management Protocol ver. 2
  • SNMPv3 - Simple Network Management Protocol ver. 3
  • Valdymas per internetą
  • CLI - Command Line Interface
  • Telnet
  • Syslog - Security Issues in Network Event Logging
  • RMON - Remote Monitoring
  • HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  • HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Autentiškumo ir patekimo kontrolės protokolai
  • ACL based on IP and protocol type
  • ACL based on MAC
  • ACL based on TCP/UDP port numbers
  • IEEE 802.1x - Network Login
  • TACACS+ - Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
  • SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
  • MD5 - Message-Digest Algorithm
  • ACL based on VLAN
  • ACL based on Diffserv (DSCP)
  • ACL based on 802.1p protocol
  • SSH v.1 - Secure Shall ver. 1
  • SSH v.2 - Secure Shall ver. 2
Palaikomi protokolai ir standartai
  • IEEE 802.3 - 10BaseT
  • IEEE 802.3u - 100BaseTX
  • IEEE 802.3x - Flow Control
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Half/full duplex
  • IEEE 802.1x - Network Login (Port-based Access Control)
  • DSCP - DiffServ Code Point
  • IEEE 802.3ad - Link Aggregation Control
  • IEEE 802.1D - Spanning Tree
  • IEEE 802.1w - Rapid Convergence Spanning Tree
  • IEEE 802.1s - Multiple Spanning Tree
  • IEEE 802.1p - Priority
  • IEEE 802.1Q - Virtual LANs
  • IEEE 802.1x - Network Login (MAC-based Access Control)
  • TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  • UDP - User Datagram Protocol
  • IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol
  • TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  • Jumbo frame support
  • IP QoS - IP Quality of Service
  • IPv4 - Internet Protocol version 4
  • IPv6 - Internet Protocol version 6
  • DHCP Client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
  • BOOTP - BOOTstrap Protocol
  • Broadcast Storm Control
  • GVRP - Group VLAN Registration Protocol
  • IEEE 802.3ab - 1000BaseT
  • IEEE 802.3z - 1000BaseSX/LX
  • SNTP - Simple Network Time Protocol
  • PVE - Private VLAN Edge
  • LLDP - Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • LLDP-MED - Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Media Endpoint Discovery
  • CDP - Cisco Discovery Protocol
  • MLDv6
MAC adresų lentos dydis8192
Perjungimo algoritmasstore-and-forward
Vidinės magistralės greitis104 Gb/s
Atminties buferis16 MB
Perjungimo sluoksnis
  • 2
  • 3
Jungimo į krūvą galimybėNe
Korpuso tipasRack 19"
Maksimalus galios ėmimas740 Wat
Standartinė įranga
  • Maitinimo kabelis
  • Gnybtai montavimui spintoje Rack 19"
Papildomos funkcijos
  • Maksimalus virtualių tinklų VLAN 802.1Q: 256 skaičius
  • Maksimalus portų skaičius trunk jungime: 8
  • Maksimalus trunk jungimų įrenginyje skaičius: 8
  • Port mirroring
  • Bandwidth Manager
  • Maksimalus QoS eilių skaičius: 4
Papildoma informacija48 PoE portai
  • 440 mm
  • 19 colių
  • 44.45 mm
  • 1 U
Gylis350 mm
Neto svoris5.32 kg
Informacija parsisiuntimuiTechninė specifikacija PDF [LINK]
Manufacturer Cisco Systems Product code 310820009072

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imgProduct delivery to the post office 2.70 €
imgProduct delivery to "LP Express 24" terminal 1.80 €

Product characteristics:

The supply of goods, the term (d) 2-5d.

Product manager:

Mantas Meliešius
Phone: +370 650 05879 Email:
At this moment product's cisco sg300-52mp 52-port gigabit max-poe managed switch price is 1815.33 € (one thousand eight hundred fifteen € thirty-three ct).
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