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Vacuum cleaner ELECTROLUX EUP82MG

(Product code: 310820153436)

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 Battery Type: Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
Series: UltraPower
Noise level, dB: 79
Network Voltage, V: 28.8
Dust Capacity, l: 0.80
Filter Type: Cyclonic Dust Container with Dual Layer Filter
Net weight, kg: 2.61
The norm Duration, min .: 27
Low work time, min .: 75
High work time, min: 16
Charging time, h: 5
Filter Type: Cyclonic Dust Container with Dual Layer Filter
Motorized brush: Yes
Accessories: None
Other attached accessories: none
Electrolux Ultrapower Lithium HD Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with 28.8V Lithium-Ion Battery for extended durability before recharging.
• Quick-release brush
• Lithium-ion battery with a particularly long lifecycle and high efficiency
• Noise level, dB: 82
• Charging time, h: 5
• Normal operating time, min .: 27
Lithium TurboPower Battery
Powerful, lithium-ion TurboPower battery with a lifetime of twice the nickel battery life, which is lighter and easier to use, provides greater power for a long time. The battery is easy to replace and quickly rechargeable. It operates for up to 80 minutes, and the indicator lights up when it needs to be charged.
Amazingly effective PerformancePro ™ pad for hard floors and carpets
Thanks to the Ultrapower Aerodynamic PerformancePro ™ nozzle and the innovative engine fan, it provides a significant suction power. This means that both solid flooring and carpet cleaning are equally good. The suction power combined with the extra long life ensures that the home can be cleaned with one charge.
BrushRollClean ™ technology
BrushRollClean technology allows users to easily and quickly remove hair and fibers from vacuum cleaner brushes. Forever forgot about hair and fiber cleaning from vacuum cleaner brushes! Let it do the Ergorapido patented BrushRollClean technology by simply pushing the pedal!
 LED Light DustSpotter
Despite its 180 ° maneuverability, this vacuum cleaner nozzle features DustSpotter LEDs that ensure perfect cleaning. When you see what and where to clean, you can rest assured that you will notice all the dirt even in the darkest places.
 180 ° EasySteer maneuverability
The 180 ° EasySteer maneuverability ensures smooth rotation and movement around objects and furniture. The ergonomic design, improved nozzle and large rear wheels make home cleaning more flexible and allow even turns and movements to be made on different floor surfaces. The two-stage power mode allows you to adapt to the cleaning of different surfaces, and after completing the job, you can simply put the vacuum cleaner back on the charging stand.
Manufacturer Electrolux Product code 310820153436
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Product manager:
Jolita Riukienė
Phone: +370 650 05801 Email:
At this moment product's vacuum cleaner electrolux eup82mg price is 259.79 € (two hundred fifty-nine € seventy-nine ct).
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