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Cordless SKIL 3070AA

(Product code: 310820225561)

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Unit: 1 vnt

Price: 151.95 €

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Item detailed description:

 The function switch allows you to easily choose between screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling
The stroke controller allows you to start work gradually and provides continuous and full control of the tool
The LED light source allows you to better browse the workpiece and work comfortably even in poorly lit places
Lithium-ion technology: no memory effect, no self-discharge, always ready to use
17 torque settings for precision screwdriving plus 1 setting for conventional rotary drilling plus 1 setting for impact drilling
The patented charge level indicator makes it easy to read the battery charge level
Ergonomic design and soft-coated handle ensure optimum working comfort and good handling
The belt clip makes it easy to carry the tool
Automatic spindle locking makes it easy to change accessories
The universal battery system is part of the SKIL system "Energy Platform"
3 functions: screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling
Battery technology Keep Cool ™ provides 25% longer operating time and 2x longer service life
Our patented ActivCell technology allows you to optimize energy usage by preventing overheating and ensuring maximum battery performance
Brushless motor: 51% faster, 33% stronger and 10 times more durable
Impact drilling function for drilling in masonry
Two gears: for high-speed drilling and high-torque screwdriving
13 mm single-blade metal keyless drill chuck with grip
Voltage: 18 V
Voltage: 20 “V max”
Battery capacity: 2.5 Ah
Max torque for rigid connection: 60 Nm
Drill chuck coverage: 13 mm
Clutch settings: 17 + 1 + 1
Hole diameter in steel: 13 mm
Hole diameter in wood: 50 mm
Idle speed: 0-480 / 0-1800 rpm.
Hole diameter in the masonry: 13 mm
Battery cells: Lithium-ion
Diameter of screw-in screws: 10 mm
Charging time: 1.25 hours
Chuck type: Metal, single-leaf, keyless
Max. impact frequency: 0-7200 / 0-27000 / min.
Voltage / frequency (for charger): 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Noise and vibration levels
Sound pressure level: 80.5 dB (A)
Sound power level: 91.5 dB (A)
Standard scatter: 3 dB (A)
Vibration level (when impact drilling in concrete): 9.1 m / s²
Vibration level (when sawing metal): <2.5 m / s²
Dispersion (K): 1.5 m / s²
Manufacturer SKIL Product code 310820225561

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Product characteristics:

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Product manager:

Mantas Meliešius
Phone: +370 650 05879 Email:
At this moment product's cordless skil 3070aa price is 151.95 € (one hundred fifty-one € ninety-five ct).
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