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Lenktas grifas Marbo MW-G120ML-EX-SR 30 mm 120 cm

(Product code: 310820258142)

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Unit: 1 vnt

Price: 121.80 €

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Do you know a second tool that is able to give you so many opportunities for development and pleasure from exercise? Do you know a second one that can offer such huge functionality for so little money? We present a professional 120 cm MW-G120ML-EX-SR screw, strongly broken, with a diameter of 30 mm.

It is hard to imagine everyday exercises without using a dumbbell. It's time for you to give them the strongest foundation by choosing the perfect, reinforced bar straight under the Marbo-Sport dumbbell.

We know very well that after receiving the statement you would like to start exercising immediately. That's why you get two spring clamps for free!

See what exercises you will do with the MW-G120L-EX-SR neck

  • Fingers standing with the barbell on the back of the neck
  • Shrugs with a barbell on the back
  • Squeezing the barbell in a narrow grip lying down
  • Raising forearms while standing in a wide grip
  • Raising forearms on a prayer book
  • Deadlift with a barbell on straight legs


Applied solutions


Chrome finish

The chrome coating increases the wear resistance of the bar, protecting the bar from scratching and rust.

In addition, thanks to chrome plating, the bar has a great look that will last for a long time.

Knurled handle

The most secure grip is what determines your safety during exercise.

For a secure and comfortable grip, the grip area of ​​each bar is carefully knurled. Now you don't have to worry that the heavy bar will slip out of your hand during the following repetitions.

Strength 200 kg

The first and most important thing for the strength of the bars is their diameter.

The bar is made of a full steel rod with a diameter of 30 mm. Thanks to this, its durability is up to 200 kg.

See for yourself how ridiculous bars with a thickness of 24 or 25 mm are. On the surface, the difference seems small, but in fact you just feel it!


Free thread clamps

The bar comes with two threaded clamps designed for bars with a diameter of 30 mm.

The clamps have rubber pads which prevent them from unscrewing during exercise.

Thanks to the perfect fit of the clamps to the bar and the rubber finishes, exercising is 100% safe. You do not have to worry about whether the clamps will hold the imposed load, it is not possible for them to unscrew under the weight of the plates.

Weight line - best neck and loads

It seems that nothing revealing can be done here. As we know, appearances are deceptive.

The load from Marbo has undergone a real revolution - it's a completely changed, unique and original look of weights with three diameters, perfectly suited to our neck. Changed, great quality is reason enough to make them stand out, creating a whole new series.

To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center.

The result of these tests are the Safety Certificate and Top Security Certificate, which we received for devices from the Weight line.

Manufacturer Marbo Sport Product code 310820258142
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At this moment product's lenktas grifas marbo mw-g120ml-ex-sr 30 mm 120 cm price is 121.80 € (one hundred twenty-one € eighty ct).
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