WoodWick Scented candle vase Trilogy Beachfront Cottage 609.5 g

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Trilogy Candle Cottage on the Beach takes you through a tropical oasis. The soothing and pure cotton scent with a gentle touch of jasmine and rose, the summer scent of tropical fruit, creamy coconut and wind over the cool sea water will become a mysterious delight for all the senses. A fresh scent of lemon grass enriched with lemon peel tones.This candle with a typical wooden lid smells your home and fills it with the soft sound of a crackling wick that will enhance the atmosphere of comfort and coziness. For home is where the fire bursts. The wick is made of natural wood. The patented shape of the wooden wick Pluswick ®Innova tion creates the soothing sound of a roaring fire. The unique cross shape of this wooden wick allows the wax pond to dissolve up to 5 times faster than a conventional cotton wick. Therefore, the room quickly breathes a pleasant scent. This patented wick guarantees beautiful and clean burning without soot on the glass. Produces a soft sound of crackling fire. The wooden lid serves as a base for the candle when it burns, thus protecting the furniture surface.
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  • Krājums 310820209128
  • Ražotājs WoodWick
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  • Suga Unisex
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