Product warranty and return

Product quality assurance and shelf-life

The Seller shall provide product quality assurance valid for a certain period of time in respect of certain types of the goods or the goods, a specific term of which or other provisions are specified in such product descriptions at the online store and detailed in the warranty card of the product. 
In case when the Seller does not provide product quality assurance for certain types of the goods, warranty established by respective legislations shall be applicable.
In cases when a certain shelf-life is determined in respect of certain goods in accordance with the legislations, the Seller shall undertake to sell such goods to the Buyer in such a manner that the latter would be provided with an actual opportunity to use such goods until expiry of the shelf-life thereof.

Return of the goods

Defects of the sold goods shall be eliminated, low quality goods shall be replaced, returned in accordance with “Regulations Applicable to Return and Replacement of Items” approved by Order No. 217 of 29 June 2001 of the Minister of Economy as well as “Regulations Applicable to Sale of Items and Provision of Services in Cases when Contracts Are Concluded through Application of Means of Communication” approved by Order No. 258 of 17 August 2001 of the Minister of Economy.

The Buyer shall be entitled to return the goods by notifying the Seller about this in writing (by e-mail, specifying the item to be returned and the order number thereof) no later than within 7 (seven) business days from delivery date of the goods.

Product return steps:

  • Identify the defect in the product (at the time of delivery of the product or within 7 days from receipt of the product);
  • Fill in the product return document (you can download it HERE in Lithuanian language) 
  • Return the product to UAB Komeksimas;
  • UAB Komeksimas conducts the product inspection investigation;
  • If the product is faulty, it is sent to the factory or warranty service;
  • Upon confirmation by the factory/ warranty service that the product is faulty, UAB Komeksimas:
    • Replaces the product with a new one;
    • Or returns the paid money;
  • Upon denial by the factory/ warranty service that the product is faulty, UAB Komeksimas:
  • Returns the product to the customer.

The Buyer shall comply with the following conditions when returning the goods:

  • The item being returned must be in the original orderly package;
  • The item shall not be damaged by the Buyer;
  • The item shall not be used before and its marketable appearance (its labels shall be intact, protective  screens shall not be removed, etc.) shall not be lost (this item shall not be applicable when the item being returned is of low quality);
  • When returning the item, it is necessary to submit the acquisition document thereof, the warranty card (if it has been issued) and to fill in the return document (you can download the document HERE in Lithuanian language).

     The Seller shall be entitled not to accept the goods being returned by the Buyer, if the Buyer fails in complying with the procedure applicable to returning of the goods as specified in the present Article.

     The Buyer may deliver the goods being returned in person by taking them to the following address: F. Vaitkaus str. 4, Šiauliai on weekdays from 08.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. or send them using the services of his/ her selected courier or the Seller’s courier. In case when the item is being returned based on the Buyer’s right to return the goods, the Buyer shall cover the expenses related to returning of the goods. The Seller’s rates applicable to returning of the goods shall be the same as the ones applicable when buying the goods as specified in the description page of each item. When the item received by mistake or a low-quality item is being returned, the Seller shall undertake to take such goods, to replace them with analogous goods, and to cover expenses incurred in relation to returning of the goods. In case when the Seller does not have any analogous goods available, the former shall return the Buyer the money paid by him/ her for the goods